BSM Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Course otherwise known as a crash course in driving. Not the most apt name but the crashing refers to cramming and not denting or reshaping vehicles.

An Intensive course to prepare you for your driving test,
Theory Test, support and recommendations,
Intensive Driving lesson to suit your individual requirements.

intensive driving courses are structured to suit the individual very much after an evaluation of there requirements and may be adjusted once the rate of learning can be further evaluated. Please remember private practice is good but not good if you are not sticking to the principles and procedures which you have been taught by your instructor.

  • 14-hour This intensive driving course is suitable for those who have recently failed a driving test or for people who are nearing test standard. This course is normally spread over 3 or 4 days prior to the test.
  • 22-hour The 22-hour intensive driving course is recommended for people who have had some experience in driving and have mastered the basic skills required, but just need to polish up their manoeuvres and general driving.
  • 32-hour This intensive driving course is recommended for confident people who know the basics and who have very little driving experience. It covers mainly people in the age group from 17 to 23.
  • 42-hour This intensive driving course is designed for the complete beginner. Most people will achieve a high standard of driving and will normally be ready for their PRACTICAL driving test after completing this course which covers the whole DSA syllabus.

Every driving lesson away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a week off work, learn to drive, and attend an intensive crash course in the forest on your doorstep.

Professional driving instruction in a very rural setting, easy access from central London on the Victoria Line to Walthamstow, or on the Central line (tube) to South Woodford Buckhurst Hill or Loughton.

Alternatively you can travel to Chingford overland from Liverpool street in London for your driving lessons.

There are many advantages to learning to drive in the Wanstead, Loughton and Chingford areas. The three main test centers, Wanstead, Loughton and Chingford offer a wide range of road conditions including numerous entry points to the 406 for effective Highway training and preparation.

In the area there are also two Spiral roundabouts rare but extremely effective junctions.

The area is surrounded by the Epping and Waltham Forest and there are some unique driving opportunities which cannot be found anywhere else in London. Many of our learner drivers travel from central London to be picked up at one of the local stations for their driving tuition.

Learn to drive and gain experience effectively and efficiently without sitting in traffic as you would if you were learning to drive in the congested traffic conditions of central London.

We offer a driving experience and tuition environment which is beneficial to the new learner. Our rates are very competitive, and above all easy to understand.


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